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By implementing and sustaining education and training programmes for its members and those aspiring to work in the field, the IDSc aims to establish, achieve and maintain high professional standards within the decontamination professions to ensure the provision of competent staff who can meet the technical and operational challenges of medical device decontamination.



  • Institute Decontamination Sciences (IDSc) Technical Certificate

    Training for Medical Device Decontamination Scientists (Technician) the Technical Certificate Programme is an integral part in the formal training within this profession.

    The Technical Certificate Programme is an eLearning based modular qualification which has been accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) SQA level 6 which is comparable with, Level 3 – Qualifications in England and Wales and Level 4 – European Qualifications Framework. Click here for a short presentation.

    The programme is designed to meet the needs of Decontamination Service Technicians embarking upon a career in decontamination sciences and whose main role will be within a decontamination service department.

    Prior to embarking upon this training programme, you should have completed:

    1. Your organisation’s induction programme

    2. Initial departmental training

  • Technical Certificate Portal


    Technical Certificate Online Portal

    Our Technical Certificate Portal is available for Mentor’s and Candidates to access their profiles and resources online. This portal provides an efficient and simple solution for Candidates and Mentor’s to keep up to date with information relating to the Technical Certificate, and also provide a mechanism for maintaining their personal contact information.
    For more information and access to the portal, please click on the button below:

    Technical Certificate Login


    If you are not currently registered on the Technical Certificate programme and would like to Apply, please use the button below and complete the application form. Should you need more information regarding the course please contact us at or


    Technical Certificate Application Form

  • Technical Certificate Examinations Dates



    The IDSc Technical Certificate exam date 10th November 2021 - update!

    10th of November 2021 Technical certificate Exam - Exam bookings open

    The IDSc Technical Certificate exam bookings are now open on the IDSc Education Portal.

    Please use the Portal to make your choice of the exam location*

    * Due to ongoing COVID-19 situation and possibility of changes in the government guidance, all dates and locations remain subject to change, and we will try to notify you 2 weeks prior exam taking place where possible. Thank you for your understanding.


  • Apprenticeships

    Dear Trailblazers

    As you will be aware, as part of our apprenticeships reforms, employers are being given more control over choosing and paying for apprenticeship training. Whilst only some employers will be required to contribute to the new apprenticeship levy, there will be changes to the funding of apprenticeship training for all employers. The system also needs to be easy for employers of all sizes to navigate, choose and purchase the appropriate apprenticeship training and negotiate on price. We are therefore simplifying some of the complex funding arrangements that currently exist. 

    To deliver these changes, we are pleased to confirm that we have today published:

    Learn More

    Proposals for a New Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. 

    This documents sets out proposals on who should be able to provide apprenticeship training in England. 

    Learn More

    Guidance for Employers Thinking About Becoming Apprenticeship Training Providers.

    This document will be of interest to employers who pay the levy, and may wish to act as their own training provider in the new system.

    Learn More

    Apprenticeship Funding Calculator

    We have produced this tool to help employers understand what levy they will pay and how they could use the new digital service to plan and fund training.

    Learn More

    Updated Guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy

    We have also updated the existing, very popular online guidance, which gives employers a clear explanation of how they will pay the levy, manage and use their funds in the new system. 

    Learn More

    New Healthcare Science Qualifications launched for Assistants & Associates

    BTEC Level 2 Certificate in Introduction to Healthcare Science

    BTEC Level 4 Certificate in Healthcare Science 

  • Healthcare Science (HCS) Assistant Apprenticeship Update

  • IDSc Job Descriptions & Career Pathway



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